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Oshawa and Whitby Jobs Profile

Posting for jobs in Oshawa and Whitby account for almost half of all postings for jobs in Durham Region. Jobs in Oshawa - Durham Region's most populous city (population just over 160,000) - are dominated significantly by General Motors Canada. This is because the Headquarter of GM Canada is located in Oshawa, along with several GM plants. The recent bancruptcy and restructuring of General Motors resulted in a dramatic decline in the number of jobs in Oshawa, and an increased unemployment. The local government has been trying to create more jobs in Oshawa by diversifying Oshawa's economy and attracting employers from other industries to Oshawa. However, these efforts have been mostly unsuccessful. Whitby, on the other hand (located immediately to the West of Oshawa) is the administrative centre of Durham Region. As a result, there are many public sector jobs in Whitby. Postings for jobs in Whitby account for about 18% of all postings for jobs in Durham Region. Postings for jobs in Oshawa account for additional 30%. In 2016, Vicinity Jobs recorded over 4,500 unique online postings for jobs in Oshawa and over 2,800 for jobs in Whitby.